Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions you may have before your visit.

  • Q. Are you a Bed and Breakfast?
  • A. We are not a bed and breakfast - we are better! When you rent one of our vacation homes, you rent the entire home.
    You will have quite a bit of privacy. You can prepare your own meals in the homes, or if you choose to eat out,
    we have many wonderful restaurants in the area.

  • Q. Can we pet the sheep?
  • A. Our farm is one of the largest sheep ranches on the east coast. It is run very similar to a western ranch.
    It is not often that guests are in a situation to touch the animals.

  • Q. Can we bring our pets?
  • A. We are sorry, but we keep the homes as allergy free as possible. Also, other animals disrupt the balance of the farm.
    Our Great Pyrenees guard dogs get very worried if other animals are on the farm.

  • Q. Will we always be able to see the sheep?
  • A. Yes, there are always 1,000 - 2,500 sheep on the farm which covers 600 acres. Sometimes you will be able to view
    the sheep grazing from your front porch. At other times they we be in one of the back pastures.
    When they are not in clear view we will give you hiking directions to get a bit closer to them.
    We are always happy to take time to answer any questions that you may have about our farm and animals.

  • Q. Will we be doing farm chores?
  • A. Because of the insurance costs, we cannot have guests work with the animals.
    During your stay, guests are able to enjoy the beauty of the animals without the worry or work their care requires!

  • Q. Can we come look at the homes?
  • A. Sure, please call ahead and make an appointment to see one or all of the homes.
    We will schedule a time when guests are not at the homes.

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