Monsour Vacation Homes and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Homes and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Homes and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm
Monsour Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm
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Monsour Vacation Homes and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm
Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm
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Monsour Vacation Home and Sheep Farm

Topographical Map of Monsour Family Farm

Shepherding is an art and the Monsour Sheep Farm is a work in progress!
Moving the flock at Monsour Sheep Farm.

"....rolling green hills like you would expect to see in the Irish countryside. You could fly there (Ireland) to see a similar scene of pastoral beauty. Or, you could simply drive about two hours up I-270 to I-70....follow winding country roads until you reach...Monsour's Sheep Farm."

The Washington Post
Cindy Loose - staff writer

The Farm

Our family owned and operated farm is nestled in the Allegheny foothills of scenic and historic Bedford County. A "closed" flock of over 1000 superior ewes and lambs offers a first hand look at practical shepherding and all natural pastoral agriculture. Utilizing a rotational / free range grazing system enables us to raise lamb and wool on lush, indigenous, bio-diverse clover and grass pastures without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, or genetically altered feeds.

Border Collies at Monsour Sheep Farm and Vacation HomesThe use of trained and people-friendly dogs ( Border Collies for herding and Great Pyrenees as guards ) is an important part of our livestock management practices. The Border Collies, using their inherited working ability, enable us to move our sheep about the farm. The Great Pyrenees, by living in the pastures, protect the sheep from coyotes, domestic dogs, bears, and large cats which can wreak havoc on defenseless sheep. Even after years of observation, we are still amazed at how well the system works.

The seasonal management cycle includes lambing in spring, shearing in summer, pasture rotation and winter feeding. Watching over the sheep, dogs, and horses, mechanical upkeep, building improvement and fencing are ongoing chores. We have an ecologically friendly philosophy that encourages use and reuse of resources. Our farm is truly a way of life and we have not sacrificed its integrity --- work goes on.

Adjectives used by our guests to describe the atmosphere at our farm are "splendid", "country paradise", "awesome", "peaceful", "beautiful", "amazing", and "cool". The sheep are always on pasture, so your stay, regardless of the time of year, is sure to afford you the opportunity to experience a shepherd's view of the farm and surrounding vistas. We call it a "Shepherd's Cathedral".

Know that we will do everything to make your stay enjoyable and care free.

Horse Owners
We raise and train Registered Morgan horses on the farm and are therefore equipped to offer boarding for those interested in bringing their own horses. Our stables include a run in and a number of box stalls in a private, dry, well ventilated and bright atmosphere. Ride your horse in designated areas on the farm or off the farm on our lightly traveled country roads.
Morgan horses at Monsour Vacation Homes and Sheep Farm

Horse Boarding is available at the rate of $25.00 per night per horse for guests. A 6% PA Tax and a 2% Local Tax also apply.

For Sale on the Farm
Naturally Grown Lamb
North Country Cheviots
Registered Border Collies
Breeding Stock
Registered Great Pyrenees
Tanned Lamb Skins
Pups - Started & Trained Dogs
Spinning Wool
Stud Service
Registered Morgan Horses


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